Are you an 18+ female who dreams of getting knocked on her bottom by fishnet-wearing women in roller skates-- and learning how how to do it right back?  Do we have the home for you!


The MAD Girls hold a Fresh Meat Training Session during our off season. We teach you how to skate and like to give our Meaties the best chance of success and time to learn how to use those amazing skates they have strapped to their feet!

For more info, check out our Fresh Meat page!

Skating Officials

Our Referees, a.k.a. Skating Officials, are essential for ensuring safety and enforcing WFTDA rules during  bouts, practices, and scrimmages. 


Refs wear roller skates and full derby gear during practice and bouts and work just as hard as our skaters-- without most of the bruising! They are essential at bouts and scrimmages and are staffed by volunteers.

We complete ref training during our Fresh Meat sessions, if interest please check out our Fresh Meat page!


to learn how to

be tendorized!

Non-Skating Officials (NSOs)

Need even more information? Let us know.

NSOs are the backbone of our official crew.  NSOs take on the officiating positions that don’t involve being on-skates.  NSOs fill multiple positions within a bout or scrimmage and are staffed by volunteers.

What are the jobs of an NSO? A few examples of the positions that NSOs run during a game:

  • Scorekeepers: Work with the jammer referees to keep score. 

  • Lineup Trackers: Track all the skaters in each lineup.

  • Penalty Box Timers:  Skaters who receive penalties have to serve time in the penalty box. Penalty box timers sit behind the penalty box and ensure skaters serve the proper time.

  • Penalty Trackers:  Responsible for keeping track of penalties. They stand in the center of the track.

  • Jam Timer:  Start each jam and period with a whistle blast. They stand in the center of the track.



Not interested in skating, but still want to get involved? We can definitely find something for you to do!  Our volunteers are just as important as our skaters to keep our team running smoothly.


What are the jobs of a volunteer? Well, roller derby is a hard event to have without all of the great off-skate volunteers helping our events run smoothly.


This can include:

  • Setting up merchandise tables at bouts/other events

  • Event security

  • Volunteer half-time shows or non-skating event entertainment

  • Selling tickets

  • Greeting guests at events

  • Cleanup crew

  • Medical team

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