Don't know how to skate?  We'll teach you!​​​​​​​​​​​

The experienced coaching staff at Mankato Area Derby works hard to create a Fresh Meat program that will prepare you for all of the thrills (and spills) of playing roller derby. Our program will address the following:


  • Basic Skating: Crossovers, Stance, Skating the Diamond, and Backwards Skating

  • Stops and Falls: T-Stop, Plow Stop, Hockey Stop, Two Knee Taps, One Knee Taps​, 4-Point (Safety) Fall

  • Agility: Mohawk turns, Jumping, Weaving

  • Blocking: Positional and Contact

  • Team Work: Skating in a Pack, Whips, and Pushes

  • ​Endurance and Conditioning: Strength, Cross Training, and Time Trials


What can I do to prepare for Fresh Meat?
  • Get out there and skate! Mankato hosts a large amount of paved trails and paved outdoor rinks. Open skates at roller rinks are perfect for practicing your skills as well; with our closest one at Skateville, in Burnsville!

  • Come to one of our games (get familiar with roller derby, and meet some of the skaters). If you can't get to one of our games, go see any of the amazing teams Minnesota has to offer. We have a great roller derby presence in our state! 

  • Check of Learn the rules, and get familiar with the Women's Flat Track Roller Derby Association, our governing body.

  • GEAR, gear, gear! Here is a link to a detailed list of gear options, and what it all means! GEAR LINK

Do you already know how to skate, and want to transfer to MAD as a skater or skating official?

Send us your info on our Contact Us page! Fill out the form and include your skating experience and prior league affiliation, and we will forward it to our training committee!

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